Thoughts on using Things 3 again

I’ve been simplifying a lot lately and whilst I hate the lack of accessibility options it offers I’ve settled into a little bit of a rhythm now using Things 3 daily. My main reason for this was I wanted a system that offered

  • An integrated Calendar
  • A great user experience when using the now always attached to my iPad Magic Keyboard
  • The ability to set a due date but not be forced to enter a time
  • A great sync service

I started off with Reminders and I really enjoy the iOS 14 widget for the app but the lack of trackpad support makes it a little painful to use if you have gotten used to using the trackpad daily like I have now. Reminders would be a great solution if I didn’t use it on the iPad so much, I feel like I have a hand tied behind my back without being being to right click on inbox items and projects.

OmniFocus was out because I had to set a due time and the UI can get a little overwhelming for me when there is a lot on. I also echo Matt’s (see link below) view of feeling bad for having red flags reminding you that you have failed somehow in your day and why he likes Things for this.

Link: Why Matt uses Things 3

Todoist is a good app with good trackpad support but I can’t justify paying for the app monthly when I have already paid for Things and OmniFocus without a subscription service.

This left Things 3, an app I had paid for on iPad, iPhone and the Mac and I wasn’t using. My previous problems with the accessibility options i.e. they don’t support full system font size support was a bit of a game changer (I even left a review on the App Store to try to highlight this to the developers), and is still an issue but as I started to use it on the iPad primarily the iPhone font size didn’t really bother me, I don’t go a lot of places and the app on my iPhone hardly gets used. I still think that the Things 3 developers should embrace accessibility going forward for now it’s ok and I’ve made my peace with it.

I have enjoyed using it, in a simpler way. I can fire it up, see my day covering both the Calendar and Tasks in one place. I can easily move items between projects and can simply set a due date without worrying about a time. I like the break down of areas, projects and the upcoming view is a great way to see what you have to do.

Accessibility aside my only real other gripe is around how many clicks it takes to create a repeating task. I’d like the option to be able to mark the task as repeating at creation rather than having to take another step once you have created it.

So, for now I’m with Things and look forward to seeing what they do for iOS 14 (if the developers are reading I’m open for beta testing…).

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