Some thoughts on iOS 14 Home Screen widgets

I’ve been ducking in and out of the beta this year but with beta 4 I’m finding it’s actually pretty stable and performance is good so I’ve gone all in on the iPhone. I’ve been playing with widgets throughout this time, it gives me something else to mess with (I’m terrible at decision making) but feel it’s a really nice step up from a grid of icons. I used the older style widgets a lot but these new ones give me exactly what I need – quick glanceable reminders.

What I mean is that whenever I unlock my iPhone I see my calendar, reminders and the weather (although this one is probably going). It’s been good for my productivity and like I think I said before takes me back to the Nokia N95 days where I liked being able to see a schedule and keep on top of stuff throughout the day.

I’m yet to test any third party widgets (devs, please reach out). It’ll be October before we see iOS in the public I feel this year and another month or so before some of your favourite third party apps are updated but just using the Apple apps is showing the potential for what we can do with these.

I do miss a bit of interactivity but on the whole I’m ok with just tapping and ticking off a reminder.

iOS 14 is one of my favourite updates so far.

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