Why I’m not buying the Google Pixel 4a

I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to a simpler setup and ditching my iPhone 11 Pro for something with a fingerprint sensor and then getting a separate portable camera. When I saw the rumours I was excited by the prospect of a Pixel 4a. I purchased and reviewed the 3a last year and whilst I loved the camera I missed some of the lock in of iOS, like shared Calendar and iMessage so returned it. This time around I rethought my workflow and was ready to pick one up for review.

Ultimately though I decided against it and here’s why.

  • Camera: I loved the camera on the 3a and for me this doesn’t look a step up on that model, save some cash and get a used 3a (something I’m considering)
  • Performance: Reviews seem to point at the processor not being the greatest and lag, especially when processing portrait mode etc
  • OS updates: 3 years of updates isn’t great, yes I know it’s £349 but I’d still like to see Google commit to less eco waste by supporting them longer

I do love the construction and personally my ideal phone right now would be this body construction but with the 11 Pro camera.

So I’m still looking, it’ll most probably be an SE 2020 I go for in the end but I’m open minded to something Android I just wish Google had pushed a little more. I’m also going to check out used 3a prices, less than £200 and it’s worth a go.

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