Keeping down the costs of blogging

I’ve got to a point where I really need to watch my outgoings and now I’ve done a review of my outgoings I’ve had to look at my passion projects. At the moment WordPress costs me £39 a year including the URL, which is pretty good really but it’s meant I need to cancel anything else. I’m trying to build a portfolio that could lead to me being able to support myself but I can’t right now. I want to write and build here so I’ve had to drop my £4 monthly to Micro.Blog unfortunately. I’ve got a history here and statistics that let me show how it’s grown over the last few years.

I really feel that if you want to blog then pick one place and decide on a budget, for me I have zero coming in so I can’t justify much more than what I’m paying now.

I don’t like any of the free options out there having tried most of them so like I say make a budget and stick to it.

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