WordPress VS Micro.Blog – engagement

This is my first post on my blog for a few weeks. I’ve been active but over on Micro.Blog instead. I posted my content over and went all in for almost of month. I want to share my experience as an independent blogger.

First off I want to talk about engagement.

I have to say that over on micro.blog I’ve had nothing but amazing conversations. No negativity or personal attacks (something I’ve been experiencing on Twitter in the last few months). I’ve been loving posting and finding new people.

I don’t check Twitter anymore and am now doing my best not to go back.

I’ve missed a couple of things though. I have an active group of readers on WordPress that follow and comment on my posts, I’ve missed this interaction.

I’m going to try the best of both worlds.

I’ll be posting longer form on my blog like this one (I’ll go into reasons in a later post). But anything social like photo sharing or just how I’m getting on will be on Micro.Blog and cross posted here.

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