What I want from a watch

I’m a sucker for reading about and buying watches, it’s something I’ve been into since I was a kid and got my Star Wars 80’s one. I’ve been out of the Apple Watch for a bit now and starting to appreciate the things that I like to see in a watch.

I’m into both digital and analog and I wear either a 70’s Seiko Automatic, 90’s Tag Heuer 200m Professional or Casio F-91w.

As I get back into watches I’m realising what I want from a watch. This has strangely affected some of my long term plans in terms of saving for a new one. I’ve been eyeing up an Omega Speedmaster but now I’m back used to wearing watches I’m not sure it’s for me anymore. I love the history and design but…

I like a watch with a date and I think I prefer something a little smaller. My main (current) want in a watch is

  • Date
  • Easy stop watch
  • Light and comfortable
  • Easy to read display

It’s not about the price or prestige brands for me but I think I have to meet at least these 4 tick boxes.

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