WWDC: Putting Home Screens podcast on hold (for now)

After the WWDC 2020 keynote and working through all of the home screen changes I’ve decided to put the podcast on hold for a couple of months. There’s so many great changes to how we can customise the look of our devices now to make them our own I felt that talking about the iOS 13 way to do it wasn’t that interesting given most of us are excited about widgets and app libraries.

Even a day in my home screen is working completely different for me, I want to chat with guests about their iOS 14 setups.

Thanks for subscribing (if you are) and also for listening to the current episodes. I hope you agree that’s it’s better to focus on the future of how iOS 14 will change the look of our home screens.

I may do a few solo episodes talking about the changes, my experience and how to setup – sound interesting?

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