IPadOS 14 wish list

We are less than a week away from WWDC’20 and after moving back to the iPad full time I thought I’d have a think about what I’d like to see in the next version of iPadOS.

Keyboard enhancements

Ability to remove the typing suggestion bar at the bottom when a keyboard is attached.

Multi-user support

I know this comes up a lot but after moving my iPad Mini 5 back into the family rota it got me thinking again why can’t we have multi-user support like on macOS? I’d love to be able to log into an iPad and see all my stuff or be able to hand it over to a family member without thinking about losing anything.

Better external monitor support

One thing I’m loving about the new iPad and USB-C is the ability to dock into my home office setup and instantly have a 34” monitor, keyboard and mouse. The issue for me is that the resolution support isn’t great so you get the iOS interface in the centre with big black bars on the left and right hand side of the screen.

Podcasting improvements

As a lot of people have documented you can’t record your local audio and also have a Skype conversation with others. This makes recording on the iPad with others almost impossible without spending a large amount of money on USB interfaces.

Improved Files app

The files app is pretty basic and does these basics (like creating folders and renaming files) well but I’d like to see the option to be able to change the view to list (more like Finder on macOS).

A change of home screen

I think the days of icons on a home screen are very much a dated idea and I’d love to see more of an Android approach where I can add more widgets and place then wherever I want to. I just see a few on the left and I can scroll but I’d prefer to have the option to add cleaner versions in different places on the home screen.

Apple competing with their own apps

I’ve been saying this for years but I want Apple to split out their apps from the operating system and let them compete in the App Store. Google do this and they actually update them, if you use Notes/Reminders/Mail/Calendar etc.. you need to wait for an operating system update to get an update. I’d love to see Apple pull their core apps out of the operating system, put dedicated teams on them and let them compete like they do with Pages and Numbers, I don’t see why they cant do this with the likes of mail and let us see more updates.

So here are some of my hopes, what are some of yours?

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