Using the iPad Mini as a journal replacement

I’ve really gotten into the iPad Mini recently and it’s become my go to daily iPad. One area that I’m only just experimenting with this but I’m seeing if it can replace my paper journal.

I started journaling again a month or so again and when running out of paper on my last one I thought why don’t I give the iPad Mini a go.

The notebook I was replacing was the same size as the iPad Mini but the space to write was smaller due to the bezels so I opted for apps rather than use the pencil.

My home screen isn’t much changed with this aside from a new Journal folder on my dock.

(See Matt’s amazing wallpapers here).



This app allows me to track times I’m doing something I want to stop or making sure I’m sticking to good habits. These are things like making sure I eat 3 bits of fruit a day or go out for 1 walk. It’s also stopping me from bad habits like tracking the number of times I’m picking my nails or fingers (mainly when I’m anxious!).

Worry Tree

This app is a new discovery and helps me deal with anxiety by using CBT methods. It’s something that has helped me review any worries I might have or deal with uncertainty.

Day One

Everyone’s favourite journaling app and aside from still saving off memories I use templates to log how I’m doing at the beginning and end of the day. I ask a series of questions like “Write down 3 positive things that happened today”.

Mood Notes

This is an app to track mood and commentary anytime you want to reflect on how you’re feeling.

This is going to be an interesting experiment I think so I’ll report back.


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