Simplifying my setup and slowing down

Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m hardly updating the blog at all these days. This is in part due to simplifying my iOS setup with an iPad Mini replacing my iPad Pro. I’m now using an iPad Mini 5 as my iOS device of choice and my MacBook 12″ for podcasting. I’ve found I’m consuming more and creating less, from a writing perspective. I’m thankful I don’t rely on my writing to earn so am lucky in a way I don’t need to write about news to make a living right now.

I’m able to do my day job and still take on creative projects as a hobby.

I obviously only have so much time in the day for this so I’ve slowed down on the writing and putting energy into the Home Screens podcast instead. These days I have very little time for my creative outlet and trying to focus on one.

I’ll still post here but I’m no longer thinking of it as something I need to do daily, I’ve taken the pressure off myself to feel that I need to.

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