Using an iPad Mini 2 as my daily device

I’ve been using my iPad Mini 2 (from 2013) again as my daily iPad and wanted to share some more experiences of using it. In terms of what I’m doing I’m still finding lag but it’s not really bothering me too much now.

For me an iPad replaces a Mac so I’m using it for photos, messages, reading books, watching video, music and browsing. It’s handling all of those ok even on iOS 12 in day to day use. I’m using the on screen keyboard to write posts and any input. I’m using my wired headphone or streaming to the HomePod for music.

I’m missing iOS functionality that you get with iOS 13 like dark mode and mouse support. I also can’t use some of the Apple apps including Reminders so I’m back on a third party to do app again. I also miss the Apple Pencil so moved back to good old pen and paper, oh and TouchID.

My iPhone does a lot for me but my eyes are feeling strained not having a larger iPad so moving up even if only a little is helping me ergonomically. I can switch positions ok and that helps to keep me in check.

So for a 7 year old piece of hardware it’s still pretty amazing to me I can still get away with using it as my main device.


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