Apple Music on macOS needs some work

I’m probably writing something that a lot of Mac users will know but coming from an iPad the Music app on macOS needs a lot of work. I’ve been using it for a week or so and wow is it clunky and buggy in my experience.

As you can see above I’ve done a search and the results showing are completely blank. It takes a restart of the Music app to get the search to work and happens multiple times a day.

Here’s another, the Apple Music feature “browse” completely breaks after a while and again shows blank, requiring a restart of the Music app.

In general I’m also noticing performance is slow across both my MacBook and iMac 5k, it’s strange given that I have a fast internet connection and relatively new Macs.

I don’t know how much work goes into the Mac version but please let me know if I’m complaining for no reason here and I have a few settings that need tweaked or something.

I’ll never complain about the Music app on iOS again after this experience.

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