2 years with the HomePod

I’ve seen a few posts about the HomePod and realised I’d had mine for over 2 years now and still use them almost daily. We have one in the kitchen and another in the home office.

The one in the office I AirPlay to from my iPhone or Mac every single day I’m working. The one in the kitchen gets talked to by my family to start music or streamed from an iPad.

I never think to ask it for the weather or set timers to be honest, I see them as a really great little speaker.

There are only two things that frustrated me

  1. I turned off the trigger word in the office as I found it was firing off. when I was on work conference calls
  2. Updating them to this day still confuses me. The home app isn’t the most intuitive out there and I always seem to get lost in it

They are genuinely in my top few products Apple have released in the last 5 years, I love them.

I like the size, the design and most importantly the rich sound. I even had them hooked up to my Apple TV for a while and used them as a home cinema setup. Ultimately this failed though as I couldn’t route all of my audio through them, I play a lot of video games and I couldn’t get this through the HomePods.

So, if you’re into good sound and want a speaker I still recommend the HomePod. It’s a speaker first and assistant second.

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