Launching a podcast on Anchor

As you’ll know if you follow me I finally got in gear and put out a new podcast. It’s one I’ve wanted to do for a few years but with everything going on right now I needed a distraction so put some energy into doing something creative.

I looked into hosting options and decided that right now given I’m on a budget and want ease of posting I decided to go for Anchor.

I work primarily on iOS so downloaded the app.

When you launch you can create an account and podcast including adding artwork all within the app itself.

I created some simple artwork on my iPad using Procreate and exported as a JPG ready for adding to my podcast in the Anchor app.

Once I’d created an outline of the first episode I recorded it with my iPad Pro 10.5″ and Blue Yeti Microphone using Ferrite.

I did my best to edit on the iPad but ended up falling back on old habits and used my MacBook and GarageBand.

Once I had my finished and exported MP3 file I used the Anchor website to add the show. I found the app a little lacking for adding shows and writing a good show note was a nightmare. You get a little text box and can’t see the text very well.

That was it.

Anchor handles distribution to other providers and I’m currently still waiting for it to propagate to them all.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get a podcast off the ground Anchor might be a good choice.

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