Tips for working from home

I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to write about things like iPads with everything going on but thought I could be useful with some tips for working from home. As someone that’s been home based for a while here are a few things I try to follow

  • If you have a smart watch (or set a timer) then set some stand or movement reminders. Get up from your desk every hour to have a walk around the house or a stretch
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep some easy to access and healthy snacks on hand
  • Set yourself a schedule, for example work from 10-12 then break then 2-5
  • It’s ok to play video games or watch TV in your breaks
  • Pick some exercises you can do indoors, I’m no fitness guru so you’ll have to look elsewhere for what these are unfortunately
  • Set up your office or work environment. Make sure you’re not uncomfortable when working and get some speakers so you can listen to music
  • Check in with your team via Skype or messaging

Got any tips to share with me?

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