Deleting social media apps off your phone

I’m only a day in with taking a break but in that day I’ve noticed I’ve created more and read more.

What I’m starting to realise is having social media apps on my iPad or only checking in a browser on the computer is a good compromise if you’re looking at reducing your consumption of it.

My only social media is Twitter and Reddit (yes, I know it’s not strictly a social media platform) so going cold turkey and removing the apps from my iPhone was a good first step.

I used my iPad and realised I had left them installed so I casually checked Reddit for ten minutes and put it down. What I’ve observed is having them on my iPhone created this habit loop of checking but if I restrict them to another secondary device like a Mac or iPad then it’s much easier to engage less frequently.

Now when I want to pick up my iPhone I find I’m in an RSS reader looking at someone’s blog or listening to music. Big wins.

If you’re looking at reducing the time spent on these platforms then I’d definitely give this method a go.

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