Losing trust in Apple Music

One of my go to soundtracks is Captain America and on going to listen I noticed that it wasn’t in my library. It’s exclusively written by Alan Silvestri and on going to the artist within the music app I noticed it was gone.

I manually added it and then noticed again that it had disappeared. On checking I noticed the above, for some unknown reason Apple Music decided to change it to Various Artists even though even single track is by a single artist.

I’ve noticed this happen on a few albums too where it gets split across various instead of being contained within one.

So for the above track 1 got moved into a separate album, so I have two copies of this album. One with just that first track and another as above.

Most recently (and maybe the worst offender if you have a kid) I spotted explicit tracks being played even though restrictions were turned on and no way to mark as explicit as you can do with Spotify.

The iPad app also seems to be lagging behind the iPhone app. When downloading my music again I’d get weird UI glitches like the list auto scrolling to the top (back to All) when I’m in an album view. I also often see the below, where the UI has completely lost the left hand pane for some reason.

There are lots of good points (like For You and a cleaner UI than Spotify) that I like but it’s trying my patience a little.

What do you think about Apple Music?

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