Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro – long term review

I picked up the Pitaka Air for my iPhone 11 Pro on 26th November 2019 and it’s become an essential part of my daily tech. I hate cases in general but everytime I’ve gone back to a naked iPhone I come back to the Pitaka and feel it’s improved the experience of using it.

The case itself weighs almost nothing and is constructed of a carbon fibre type material that gives it a great look and feel. I’ve also tested it on several accidental drops and it’s protected my device both times.

You can see a slight white mark and dent in the camera surround that it look when I dropped on concrete.

Even though I’ve taken it on and off quite a few times it still fits tight and there’s no fear about it coming off on it’s own.

It’s also pretty unique and personally I’ve not seen anyone else with one.

All of the buttons are easily accessible and access to the charging port is also great.

So it’s light, protected my iPhone on a couple of drops and adds grip. I really can’t recommend this case highly enough. As someone that hates cases it’s something I now can’t imagine not using.

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