Testing the iPad Pro 10.5” battery

I’m having terrible battery performance on my iPad Pro, it’s a 2017 10.5″ model that can’t get through half a day currently.

First step I tested was to turn off all background app refresh and notifications. This made very little difference so quickly discounted this as the cause.

Over the last week I’ve noticed WiFi performance to be extremely slow with constant buffering of video even when next to the router. This made me suspicious that something else might be going on.

Next step was to fully charge and leave unplugged overnight. This confirmed that nothing is draining it and it only dropped 1% overnight. In use though that day it was dropping about 10% every 20 minutes of light use, strange.

This on top of the slow WiFi has me a little concerned but the last resort before contacting Apple is going to be completely clearing it down and reinstalling.

I’m planning on doing this over the coming week so I’ll report back if this fixes it.

BTW if anyone at Apple see’s this – please add battery health to iPadOS.

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