A review of the 12” MacBook after 3 years

This might seem like a strange post for someone that lives on iOS but I’ve been using my MacBook a little more lately due to the battery issues I’ve been experiencing on my iPad Pro. It’s been sat on my work desk so if I’ve needed to check my to do app or play some music I’ve been reaching for the MacBook.


It’s been in my camera bag and been on holiday with me but in general gets used around the house. It’s showing some signs of wear around the edges but overall if I took the stickers off you’d think it was less than the 3 years I’ve had it.

That keyboard…

I don’t love it, I make typing mistakes but it’s been reliable. I might be in the minority but as someone that usually has issues with gear the keyboard has worked fine. I did have a sticky tab key for a hour or so but tapping on it a few times seemed to remove whatever was stuck below it. I don’t have Apple Care for it anymore but hoping Apple would honour any repairs given this keyboards sordid history. I definitely prefer typing up posts on my iPad Smart Keyboard though.


This is where I notice it the most, it’s slow. My 10.5″ iPad Pro never stutters but this feels slow and more than a 3 year old machine. I’ve got the base model so expected it to slow a bit but on the latest version of macOS I’m getting a little frustrated at the rate apps load, lag in Notes and general slow background iCloud sync.

I’m actually going to refresh back to the original OS it came with and see what happens to performance.


Battery still seems good, no issues and a factor for me picking it up over my iPad Pro that can’t get through a few hours at the moment.


As a part time machine the MacBook works well for me but only for basic tasks. I wouldn’t be able to do much video on it but for music production it’s been fine to be fair. Logic Pro runs ok on it and in my use recording guitar it’s also ok. I wouldn’t recommend anyone picking one up now though unless it’s a bargain and not your main machine.


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