Casio F-91w review after 1 year

The Casio F-91w is still my go to no fuss watch, there’s a lot to love and at £20 or less then it’s a watch most people should have in their collection.

As I’ve said before I’ve worn some form of this watch since the 80’s and it continues to be one of the lightest and most comfortable watches I own.

There’s only two downsides

  1. The light is dreadful but remember the cost here. It hardly lights up and in the middle of the night I find I can only see the hour element.
  2. When you are using the stop watch you can’t see that time. Coming from an Apple Watch this is the one thing that I miss. I set a lot of timers and not being able to see the time when running one is a little frustrating.

In terms of how it’s held up, few dings and scratches but great.

I can still read the face ok and the buttons all work great.

The straps usually fall apart after a few years but mines fine, bear in mind until recently I haven’t worn it every single day and night.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll wear this one but that’s just because I want an orange or yellow variant but there’s only two areas the be prepared for if I keep on using this one – battery change and a new strap (which may turn out being more expensive than the watch).

At £20 or less this is the only watch to buy if you’re after something to begin your watch collection with or want to take a break from a smart watch like me.

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