Why I can’t use Things 3

I’d love to be able to use Things 3 as my daily task manager. I love the Calendar integration and ease of task entry but two things stop me from using it.


Things is really poor from an accessibility point of view unfortunately. I bump up the font on my iPhone these days thanks to my ageing eye balls and there is no support in Things to inherit the system setting. In fact there’s no setting to up the font in Things at all. All of the other to do apps I’m testing (Reminders/OmniFocus/Todoist) all support this and I can’t believe in 2020 there’s no accessibility support. It’s pretty tough on the eyes to go from a font I can’t comfortably to one I have to take my glasses off to see properly.

Repeating Reminders

The creation of a repeating task is a bit broken for my workflow

  • It takes too many taps to create a task that repeats on a schedule
  • Reminders in my testing don’t stick. So I create a task on Monday that repeats each day. I noticed on the Tuesday the reminder (at 2pm) hasn’t moved into the next days task. I update the Tuesday task to have a 2pm reminder. On the Wednesday the task forgets I’ve done this and I forget to do it

These two combined are deal breakers for me, a pretty UI isn’t going to win me over if the functionality I need isn’t there.

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