Is the iPad Pro 10.5” a good buy in 2020?

I’ve been using my 10.5″ iPad Pro now for almost 3 years and along with it’s Smart Keyboard cover and original Apple Pencil it’s still one of my favourite Apple devices I own.

You can pick these up from around £290 on auction sites so it got me thinking about whether it’s still a good buy in 2020.

I use it every day and push it pretty hard both on the hardware durability and software front. Even though the processor is a few years old it still performs well and doesn’t hinder me in anything I do.

Here’s some of the tasks that I’m asking of it

  • Email and web browsing
  • Editing images from both my iPhone and DSLR
  • Managing my productivity
  • Note taking using Apple Pencil
  • Editing the occasional video
  • Recording music
  • Consuming video
  • Reading books
  • Writing and posting to my blog

On the hardware front it’s held up pretty well. I have some scratches on the screen that I can’t see when the screen is on so doesn’t bother me. The sides have a few scratches but no dents and the back (although covered in stickers) looks good. All buttons work as good as the day I got the device, as does the home button. The keyboard is showing signs of wear and tear but works fine and aside from a few cat nibbles the pencil is looking good too.

It’s really a great all round device and paired with 256GB of storage, the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil I still believe that in 2020 this’ll do you just fine.

It’s better than the current iPad Air in my opinion with it’s high refresh screen and 4 speaker configuration so before buying have a look for a used bargain 10.5″ out there.


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