A one page iPhone setup

I’m simplifying my setup (again!) after falling out with several third party apps and going stock apps. I’ve also moved all of my apps into one page. I usually have two pages but moving to one means I remember what apps I have and to actually use them. I always forget I have some great photography apps like Darkroom so again having them in my face is a reminder. Talking of Reminders I’m slowly moving into using Reminders and now use a stock Calendar/Reminders/Notes workflow. The thing that bothers me is the lack of updates to these apps but for the basic way I’m using it all is ok. iCloud seems ok so I’ll just get on and use it and report back if I have any sync issues.

I like to keep a few third party apps on outside of folders such as WordPress to let me quickly write posts up like thus one. I’ve given up on using iA Writer now I just quickly jot ideas down in notes and write the post in the WordPress app.

I’m pretty happy so far with this setup.

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