Making a quieter Twitter

I’m really not using Twitter much these days, I tend to have a flurry of tweets then go quiet for a bit. After trying and deleting the official app after finding ads and trending unbearable I’ve settled on a way to use it that matches up with how I want to use it.

I’ve only really done two things.

  1. Significantly reduced the people I follow (sorry if you’re in this list) but I don’t want to see any politics so if I see a lot of RT that are going down this rabbit hole I unfollowed. I also unfollowed a few prominent Apple people mainly due to the fact all I’m seeing is nitpicks.
  2. Using Tweetbot. An easy swap for me, I don’t see many notifications of activity on my posts but that’s fine. I can easily mute topics etc and only see what I want. I also don’t see trends and ads, a win.

Social media isn’t that great for me being completely honest and this is definitely helping me.


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