Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 2?

I’ve got a complicated relationship with my Apple Watch, very much love/hate at the moment. On using it a little bit yesterday I’ve come to the conclusion that the Series 2 is a do not buy in 2020. 6 months ago I would have said it was ok but with the last couple of watchOS updates it does seem like the Series 2 has been ignored and performance has gotten worse. It’s almost at the point of being unusable.

In terms of screen and sensors all’s good but in day to day use it’s bad. It can take 10-15 seconds to load the settings app and more than that to start a simple workout. I find myself constantly frustrated using it and often make mistakes because of lag in the interface.

If you’re set on getting an Apple Watch then don’t get anything less than a series 3. It seems now that the series 3 is the bottom end of where Apple now tests it’s software.

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