iPhone 11 Pro after 4 months

On checking my DayCount app this morning I realised I’ve had my 11 Pro for 120 days now so thought I’d share another update. I’d said in the last update the battery improvements and camera changes were the main reason I was glad I updated. This remains the same today, the battery is unbelievable and although I’m taking less photos these days I’m still super happy to have the ultra wide and improved low light whenever I use them. One thing I did notice over the last month is that portrait mode seems improved. I’m not sure if this is hardware or software related but on looking at photos from a family trip out I was impressed with how close to my Canon they looked.

The rest of the iPhone to be honest feels a lot like my X and XS but for me battery and camera are the most important so I’m happy I traded my XS in for the 11 Pro.

When it comes to durability, so far so good. It did live a little out of a case but since the end of November I’ve been using the Pitaka Air, which is my favourite iPhone case I’ve ever used. This time around I’ve had an Apple installed screen protector since day 1, it has scratches but I can’t vouch for how good or bad the actual iPhone screen holds up over time. The X and XS was some of the worst I’d experienced in my time with iPhone so I’d assume the 11 Pro doesn’t improve this.

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