Favourite iOS widgets

It’s strange, they’ve been around forever but I’ve only really started using them properly over the last year.

Here are the 6 that I have pinned and use daily.

  • Weather: I use the weather app that comes with iOS. I do occasionally try third party ones but find the way they don’t update all the time annoys me. Working at home I only really look at the weather a few times a week and the standard app gives me what I want.
  • Fantastical: I’ve made the switch really due to frustrations switching views with the Apple app. I like to have a list view and Fantastical is the quickest way to view this, the up next widget view and quick monthly calendar view makes it a winner for me
  • OmniFocus: It shows me all of my items due today, it’s amazing the amount of to do apps that don’t do this and just show the first few.
  • Shortcuts: I have a few shortcuts I run multiple times a day, this is for quick access.
  • Favourites: I like to have quick access to make phone calls to certain contacts. This works great but it doesn’t remember favourites in iCloud so new iPhone and you have to set it up again.
  • Batteries: Handy for keeping an eye on AirPods and Apple Watch battery.

What are some of your favourite widgets.

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