Where’s Chewbacca after The Rise of Skywalker?

Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker ahead….

Chewie will always be my favourite character in the Star Wars universe, as a kid to now I always love seeing him. Joonus Suotamo has done a great job picking up for the late Peter Meyhew and I felt in Solo he came into his own as I believed it was the Chewie I grew up with.

Thankfully Chewie got through Rise of Skywalker but we didn’t get a resolution of where he ended up. The medal for me was a great nod to him having something to remember Han and Leia by, this isn’t him finally getting a medal and isn’t fan service as some would lead you to believe. I like to think that he went back to his home planet of Kashyyyk with his family (yes, that holiday special is unfortunately Canon) but I would have liked to have seen it. Rey ends up with the Falcon but where’s Chewie? I’m hoping this either gets explained somewhere officially or we get Chewie in another movie or Disney+ show.

Personally I’d love to see him popping up in a series!

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