Blogging in 2019, a year in review

I’ve tried to post daily here and looking back I can see it’s had a big impact on the traffic coming to the blog.

I’m not setting the world alight but for me I’m up over 14,000 views over the previous year. I’m still a nobody in the grand scheme of things but I enjoy sharing regardless of these stats.

Resetting a Sonos continues to drive most traffic but strangely an iPhone case post beats it this year. Continues to show that if you want to build traffic how to’s are the way to do it.

Bulk of traffic coming from Search and Social but readers have started to pick up from WordPress itself.

Finally I always find it interesting to see where my readers are coming from. Top 3 remain the same but Germany and India are new additions to some of the bigger traffic.

I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and see what happens.

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