100 days later with the iPhone 11 Pro

I noticed today that I’m 100 days in with my iPhone 11 Pro so thought it sounded like a good milestone to report back on how it’s been.

I’d picked up the midnight green with 256GB storage along with an Apple leather case on day one. I’m no longer using the leather case and went naked for a while until I settled on the Pitaka Air. I also had a screen protector fitted by Apple since launch, which amazingly is still on there and I forget about it.

The two main reasons I love this phone is the battery and camera, something I’ve highlighted in previous posts.

The camera excels both indoors and in low light outdoors. I find I never use the ultra wide but nice to have it when I need it, as long as I remember it’s there.

The battery gets me through two days most of the time, I work from home so don’t need to worry too much about long travel days. I’ll charge as and when I remember to.

I’m glad I went for the Pro over the 11 due to the 2x zoom, something I use on an almost daily basis.

Overall the update to the 11 Pro my favourite year on year upgrade that I’ve experienced in my years of iPhone ownership.

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