How I’m using the iPad Mini 5

I have to admit that a few months ago my iPad mini 5 was put in a drawer but over the last few weeks I’ve picked it up again and loving using it everyday. I do have a 10.5 pro that I use the majority of the time but the battery life has gotten pretty bad on it so when the iPhone 11 Pro came out I pretty much switched to my iPhone for the majority of the time instead. Now I’m back on the mini I’m using it instead of my iPhone at home. I’m not writing up large posts but using it in portrait and two hand thumb tapping out posts like this is perfect for me. I also like having the bigger screen than my iPhone 11 that I can use to read comics or articles and even create the odd video. I’m planning on using it a lot more and integrating into my photography workflow again. He only downside I’m finding is that it’s a little cramped to sketch or take notes using the pencil. I prefer using my larger iPad for this.


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