Apple Watch durability

I’ve broken a screen or two in my time with Apple Watch from a fall but overall I’m still impressed with how durable the Apple Watch is. My daily Apple Watch is a Nike Series 2 that has been worn every day since June 2017.

This being the Nike model means it’s the lower end model without the sapphire display, it’s also in a space grey finish so the darker one. I’ve reverted back to using the black sport band that came with my original Apple Watch, which given how old it is looks brand new.

This particular watch has been worn at the beach, in the pool, shower and my daily wear.

You can see some light scratching here to the top edge of the screen.

On the right hand side you can see some scratching on the coating above the Digital Crown.

Left hand side of the watch is as good as new.

Back remains as good as new.

Overall for this age of watch worn daily I think it’s held up really well. I’m out of Apple Care now I’m hoping it keeps ticking…

BTW all of these images were taken on the iPhone 11 Pro, wow they are great for these indoors tech shots.


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