Casio G-Shock 5610 – An affordable space watch

Two things I’m into are space and watches and more recently I’ve gotten into researching watches that have ended up in space or on the moon. The most obvious watch that comes to mind is my dream watch to own, the Omega Speedmaster but at over £3000 it’s a little out of my price range for now. The good news is that one of favourite watch brands has ended up in space, lots of times – Casio.

The g-shock 5600 series had been worn into space multiple times and is a great everyday watch.

The model I picked up to review was the 5610, tough solar for £74. It looks big when you see images but in reality it’s not that big on the wrist so first off don’t be put off straight away.

This model has a couple of cool additions on top of the 5600, solar powered and the ability to update itself via atomic timekeeping.

On using it for a week here are some of the takeaways

  • The buttons are recessed so can’t be hit accidentally
  • The strap is typical Casio resin and super comfortable
  • It’s light enough to forget you’re wearing it
  • The illumination is the best I’ve used on a watch
  • It’ll take a beating

This has to be the best value for money in terms of having a daily watch you can wear anywhere.

If you’re looking for an everyday watch with a great history then the g-shock is hard to beat, especially if you’re into space. Until I save enough for an Omega, this is my number one space watch.

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