My favourite gear in 2019

I’ve actually not bought that much stuff this year but I wanted to share new gear that I’ve enjoyed and the ones that continue to serve me well.

iPad Pro 10.5″

It’s over 2.5 years old now and still my number one daily computing device I own. As you most probably know I use it with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. I have looked over at the new 11″ Pro with envy at times but once I look at the total cost with a new keyboard and pencil it stops me making the purchase. I’ve seen them on sale several times but I’m really content with with my 10.5″. It’s still fast on the latest version of iOS and does everything I need.

Casio F-91w

I’ve been dipping back into the world of watches and my go to has been the Casio F-91w. It looks great, reminds me of my first watch and is comfortable. I like to take breaks from Apple Watch from time to time and this is my favourite one to use.

iPad Mini 5th generation

We still have a 2nd generation in the house but I wanted a smaller iPad I could take with me to client site and use like a field notes book. It’s been a great little device, since iPhone 11 Pro I’ve used a bit less but it’s still my favourite way to read comic books or just browse.

Yamaha practise amp

Probably my favourite purchase this year. It’s light, sounds great and can be plugged into my Mac for recording.

iPhone 11 Pro

Without doubt my favourite iPhone and biggest upgrade. For the improved camera and battery life alone it’s been a great upgrade. I’m still not completely satisfied with night mode but that’s more on me than the camera I think. In day to day use it’s replaced my DSLR more than any other iPhone and I’m constantly amazed with how great the image quality is.

AirPods Pro

A fairly new addition but I wouldn’t be without them now. I’ve always liked my AirPods but was itching for noise cancelling and my preferred in ear silicone tips, I got both and am completely happy. They are more expensive than standard AirPods but when compared to Bose QC I think they are well priced. The noise cancelling in my experience so far is on par and sometimes better than Bose. I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Fender Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster

I’ve not bought a new guitar for years but when I saw a big sale on this model I couldn’t resist. I’ve been wanting a semi-hollow body guitar for years and seeing this one from one of my favourite artists I jumped at the chance to own one. Now I’ve setup to my liking I can’t put it down. It’s light, sounds great unplugged and the neck carve is very comfortable for me. The only downside is the nitro finish is very tacky still so I already have wear and tear but I love the lived in look anyway.

What’s some of your favourite gear?

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