My favourite iPhone apps of 2019

I’ll preface this by stating this isn’t the list of apps that came out this year but the ones I’ve used the most on my iPhone. It’s a mix of things here but all served me well at times in 2019.

Dark Noise

I’ve been using this ambient noise app to help me relax or just to have something in the background whilst I work. It’s beautifully designed and offers a load of customisation and shortcut support.


Apple Music

Continues to be my music streaming app of choice. I’ve dabbled with Spotify but for me the UI offered with Apple Music just matches how I’d like it to work. It mixes the music I’ve purchased over the years with ones added from the streaming service and recently played and recommendations are great.


OmniFocus 3

An app I’ve used on and off for years but when iCloud started to fail me I switched full time. It can be as simple or complicated as you need and although I keep it pretty simple I’m learning new ways to use it all the time. The backend sync has been rock solid and I have complete trust in the data storage. I’ve been using shortcuts more with it these days and finally settled on a daily workflow that helps me get stuff done.



Now I’m getting back into RSS I don’t think I can go back to using a news app like Apple News.



I’m trying to get better at managing a budget and spend less on gear, this app has been a great way to set a budget cap against categories and stick to it.



Still my podcast player of choice, works great in the car too. User friendly interface and sync across devices is rock solid.


DuckDuckGo browser

My go to browser, replaced Safari for almost everything I do. Being more privacy focused is something I’ve been working towards and this browser is the best out there in my opinion. You’ll be surprised at home many trackers are being blocked on your favourite sites.



This is a widget app and it shows me exactly what I need, a 5 day view of my calendar. Can be customised in lots of ways and is worth a look if you have a busy schedule.


What are some of your favourite apps?

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