Apple Watch vs a traditional Watch

I’ve been wearing my mechanical watch a lot more lately but this week went back to the Apple Watch to see if I’ve missed it.

What I’ve discovered is the health features of the Apple Watch have lost all of their meaning having gotten used to a traditional watch again. I dip in between a Casio Quartz Digital and vintage Seiko Automatic and obviously none of these have any sort of tracking. I’ve set myself some fitness goals and after using the Apple Watch this week I’ve realised that having rings has made no difference. I used to like tracking and try to stick to streaks but I’m just not motivated by them anymore. I’m not sure if I’ll use these to try to help me get to my weight target or just ignore them completely and put my Apple Watch in a drawer.

The area I have been missing though is on the productivity and practical front. It’s been good to see my calendar on my wrist, it took a little anxiety away for me as I didn’t know when my next appointment was. On the practical front being able to quickly see the time lit up has been nice. The Seiko is old school and can’t be seen in the dark and the Casio backlight isn’t amazing but works. The Apple Watch has been great on these two fronts. These areas also have me looking over at the series 5 given how slow the series 2 has become in day to day use with the calendar and to do apps.

I need to now think about if I want to be constantly connected to my iPhone or not. Do the activity benefits need to act as a motivator to keep using it or not.

Lots to think about as I continue on my new journey with Apple Watch.

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