It’s hard to be productive with an Apple Watch Series 2

I’m dipping back into the Apple Watch after taking a break but on wearing the Series 2 for a week I’ve come to the conclusion it’s still ok as a fitness tracker but frustrating as a productivity device.

What I mean here is that if you’re looking at using it for tracking your calendar and reminders it’s pretty much unusable. In my experience on watchOS 6 the Reminders app is a buggy slow mess. In the screenshot above I’m showing you what it looks like for the first 30 seconds or so before any data loads and when it does it’s not in sync with the app on your iPhone. It’s strange that it shows items as overdue that you have already completed. The performance of the Calendar app isn’t much better but it does at least show you the correct data. When I used third party apps such as omnifocus to test that was slow to sync so often items were showing as incomplete even though I had ticked them off on my iPhone.

The only useful productivity item on the series 2 is having complications on the face showing you your next appointment.

As a fitness device though the series 2 is still a great device but if you want something to cover everything an Apple Watch should then skip to the series 3 or 4 if you want to save some money and use an older model.


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