Figuring out what to focus on

I get lots of random thoughts and ideas throughout the day (I both love and hate this!) that either get written down or forgotten but I’ve been finding it difficult over the years focussing on one side project. Going forward I’m going to do a bit of a mind map brain dump on all of these and figure out what to put time and energy in. At the moment it’ll be the blog, newsletter and something musical as I see it. I’ve toyed with YouTube but I went down that path 10 years ago and didn’t end up enjoying it so that’s definitely out, an easy one to drop. Podcasting is something I’ve enjoyed but I’m not good at or have enough to say weekly so pretty sure that’ll drop.

But I’m rambling, step 1 will be a brain dump onto paper then I’ll work through it.

How do you decide what to focus on?

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