iOS 13.2.3 fixes iOS

So we’re a couple of months in with iOS 13 and it struck me that after updating to iOS 13.2.3 it seems to have finally settled down. I’m getting far fewer bugs than I did before the update and it’s where it should have shipped back in September. Before this update I was having to turn my iPhone on and off at least once per day due to audio bugs. Now the only time I’m doing that is when I use CarPlay.

I’ve got one bug that I’m not seeing anywhere with CarPlay. Once I’m done using it in the car the audio app stays on the lock screen even though the app is closed. The only fix is to restart the iPhone.

I also still experience the odd camera bug when I’m taking photos from the lock screen.

I don’t use the Apple Watch now so can’t comment on the fixes I needed on the Series 2 when I was using it.

iPadOS seems ok although I still get rotation issues but they have been there for years now.

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