Casio G-Shock 5610, a week on the wrist

I’ve been wearing my trust Casio F-91w on and off for a few weeks now but been looking over at the G-Shock wondering what I’m missing. I don’t need to go into the background of these tough watches but as a fan of space travel it’s the only “space watch” I can afford, yes it’s certified for space travel. The Omega Speedmaster isn’t within my reach anytime soon but this astronaut approved Casio was.

First off the time and illumination is spot on. Easy to read and lights up the entire screen, something the much cheaper F-91w struggles with. I can see the time clearly at any angle and checking the time in the middle of the night is easy.

The case is sturdy but not too big but the buttons are harder to press.

The strap is made of the familiar Casio resin, which I find to be great. Doesn’t get clammy in the summer and is light. The strap on the 5610 is thicker and more rigid than the F-91w so bear that I’m mind. I find the F-91w disappears when I’m wearing it, the 5610 not so much.

If you’re after a hard wearing digital then you can’t go far wrong with the 5610 but for me it ended up being a little too big for my tastes and I went back to wearing my F-91w.

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