Using an iPhone 11 Pro without a case

I’ve switched cases now almost weekly and not happy with any of them. The thing is that each one frustrates me and takes away the joy of using the iPhone. I should preface this with the fact I have Apple Care +, I wouldn’t contemplate doing this without it.

My Apple leather has some nice patina now but I still find it slippery, the thicker plastic one I bought I also find slippery and the TPU style whilst grippy makes pushing buttons harder.

The naked iPhone 11 Pro has some texture on the back so doesn’t slip off my lap and the side rails on the midnight green are a little sticky with the finish applied so feels pretty good in the hand.

If I’m away on holiday I can see me

sticking to a case given I’ll be be away from an Apple Store but for the rest of the time it’ll be as Apple intended.

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