Remembering how great Wunderlist is

I used Wunderlist quite happily as soon as it came out until it was picked up by Microsoft but in a bid to try to simplify I have installed it and to my surprise it still works as I like it. There’s no overly complicated UX to deal with or loads of options just the basics and a solid backend sync.

I’ve got a lot going on and after having iCloud issues with Reminders, getting overwhelmed using OmniFocus and not liking the look and feel of Todoist or Things 3 I have gone back to where it started for me – Wunderlist.

Yes you might think this strange given that it’s no longer really being heavily worked on but I’ve installed it on my MacBook and iOS devices, completed an initial brain dump and feeling the better for it.

My data is laid out in a logical way to me with a clean UI showing me what’s due today and each of my lists. In the today view the list is organised by the list the item is in so I can see the various areas of importance, I can set repeating items and have reminders that work.

Aside from being reminded that Microsoft TO DO exists (which pales in comparison to Wunderlist in my opinion) it’s the perfect TO DO app for me right now.

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