Casio F-91w long term review

It’s hard to have grown up in the 80’s and not have a love for Casio watches. It’s what most of us would have been using when you had your first proper watch. I’ve still got my Master of the Universe and Star Wars watches I had when I was a kid but as soon as I got a little bit older Casio was my jam. Back in the 80’s I had an F-15, which I’ve lost over the years but the F-91w (released in 1991) became my go to watch. This also got lost but fortunately to this day Casio still manufactures them.

When I was looking at a break from my Apple Watch it was the obvious choice for me. At less than £15 it’s a no brainer if you want a classic.

I’ve also flirted with a G-Shock but I always come back to the F-91w. It’s so light and comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. I wear it pretty much 24×7 and even at this price point it’s durable. The screen will scratch being plastic but the body holds up surprisingly well.

The time and date are easy to see and all the buttons are logically laid out.

The only downsides of this watch are the strap durability and the light. The watch will easily outlast the strap, which tends to crack over time and at this price point it’s often cheaper to get a new watch rather than strap, which isn’t great for the environment. Then the watch light only illuminates from the left hand side making the minutes harder to see.

Otherwise this is one of the best watches ever made.

Be careful though and make sure you buy from a reputable store, there’s lots of fakes around. Yes it’s hard to believe but there are lots out there, this watch truly is an icon so I guess even at a low price point there’s money to be made from forgeries.

I’m no big watch collector (I wish I had the disposable income to be one) but everyone should have one of these in their collection.


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