Alternatives to Apple Notes

As you’ll know if you read my blog I’m struggling somewhat with iCloud. I’m now at the point I’ve moved completely away from Notes and Reminders as I’ve lost trust in Apple to both store my data and commit resource to working on the app and support the infrastructure, I’ve still not heard anything back from senior support on my iCloud sync issues despite several promises.

The two I’m testing my workflow with is Google Keep and Notability.

Over the last week I’ve used both and can see me using both but for different scenarios.

I’m using Notability almost just for reference information like flight details or for keeping extended warranty information. An archive of information I need to reference at a later date.

I’m using Google Keep for quick notes and checklists. I don’t like the UX for Notability for adding quick notes with bullets etc. I can’t seem to quickly get in and out. Google keep is simple and intuitive. It also has a widget that speeds up entry.

Main downside of using Google apps on iOS for me is their lack of adoption of core iOS features so no dark mode but I can live with that in a notes app.

It’s a beginning so I’ll update how I’m getting on in a month or so.

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