Why is Apple support getting so bad?

I’ve noticed a downward trend in my recent dealings with Apple support, especially with anything data or iCloud related. I’ve also been in several situations where I’ve known more than the support person, most recently telling them there is no save button in iOS Notes.

I work in the software industry so I do have some insight into how difficult the job is but there’s no excuse for persistent laziness or unreliability.

My most recent issue that I’m 4 weeks in now with an iCloud Notes sync issue. When I originally raised this I ended up being helped by a senior advisor that took logs and promised to keep me updated.

I heard nothing for weeks until I called last week and again after explaining my issue was promised a new advisor was taking over and we scheduled a call at 10am last Friday to see how my Notes sync was going. I decided to delete all of my notes and start again, this call was to see if it was now fixed.

Well you guessed it, the call never came. The senior advisors seem to be either overworked, lazy or unreliable. I’m guessing overworked or not enough resource and making promises they are unable to keep.

As with a Reminders sync issue I had a few months ago I ended up fixing it myself by deleting all my iCloud data manually.

I’m not blaming iOS 13 but it seems the support structure currently struggles with anything software or iCloud related. As expected they would be triaging to engineering teams but it seems that Apple just don’t have the engineering teams to cope.

I’d like to think alongside their core iOS engineering team there’s another whole group of developers dedicated to dealing with support, if there isn’t then there should be.

I wouldn’t be complaining if iCloud was free but it’s not, I’m paying monthly for its use with my larger storage plan so I’m expecting at least some sort of basic communication commitment.

It’s strange to write about Apple support being it’s usually so great but when it comes to issues relating to software and cloud there’s a lot of work to do.

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