The iPad Pro 10.5” is still great in 2019

As I’ve said a few times the iPad Pro 10.5″ has been the perfect combination of portability and screen size for me. That plus the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil makes it my favourite machine Apple have ever produced. I’m here over 800 days in and I still enjoy using it with the latest iPadOS in 2019.

iCloud sync issues aside using it with a mouse alongside the other iPadOS enhancements all work well and I don’t see a need to update for CPU performance alone.

If you’re not into getting the latest and greatest then a used iPad Pro 10.5″ is still a great deal, especially if you can get a package with keyboard and pencil.

Make sure you go 256GB to get the most value out of your purchase though. Personally I have movies and music on mine and use it with an SD Card adapter to offload images from my Canon DSLR when I’m on the go and want some form of backup.

The only potential downside is this model seems to have a white spot issue. I had this and a warranty replacement last year. Basically on a lighter background you might see a part of the screen that looks lighter than the rest. This can only been seen on a lighter background but if you can it would be good to check for this issue beforehand.

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