Disney+ to launch in March 2020 in the UK

After months of silence we finally have a launch date. The announcement is that we get it here in the UK March 31st 2020. This is 4 months after the US but still sooner than I was expecting. Interesting it’s the end of the financial year so it’s either when other contracts run out or their best guess to keep us all quiet. Either way I’m glad we have a date. Looking at what’s coming out the main miss is obviously The Mandalorian, I have no idea how I’m avoiding spoilers on this one to be honest. I’ve muted keywords and unsubscribed from my Star Wars podcasts but I’ll have to completely come off the internet (aside from my blog) for this period, doubt I’ll manage that.

I imagine most fans will find other methods to watch it.

Anyways some good news for us in the UK, not ideal but at least we can stop guessing.


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