OmniFocus Shortcuts

If you read my post the other day you’ll know I’m only just getting into shortcuts. Using OmniFocus for the last few days has suddenly opened up a load of use cases for me.

I’m starting slowly but have created two new ones to speed up my writing process.

In OmniFocus I have a folder called CREATIVE PROJECTS then various projects including WRITING. In here I put blog post ideas as I think of them. One of the things that slows me down in OmniFocus is getting to my various projects quickly in the UI, this little shortcut makes that whole process a lot easier for me. I can now simply run the shortcut and add my idea.

My second simple shortcut simply shows me my blog post idea list. I then flag any I want to work on so that they appear in my flagged items in OmniFocus.

It’s a start and I’ll share more as I do then. I didn’t share the iCloud link for these as they are specific to my setup.

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