Some thoughts on Apple TV+

I’m not a TV critic so not going into detail here but on the shows I’m interested in wanted to share a few thoughts.

For me the standout funnily enough is Snoopy. I enjoyed Snoopy as a kid and watching it with my daughter reminded me how great it was. It’s in keeping with the original I used to watch and does a great job at explaining space exploration.

Ghost Writer seemed to be enjoyed by my daughter but I didn’t like it. There’s something about the lighting that makes it feel like a long advert.

Dickinson is definitely different and is worth a watch if you’re into something like unbreakable on Netflix. Not quite as funny but similar humour.

I’ve only just started For All Mankind and like what I see so far.

Not started See yet, wasn’t sold on the trailer but I’ll get to it.

Not done much else, I am having a few technical issues though. About 40% of the time I’m getting a ‘error playing content’ issue but I’m not writing it off yet, it’s only just launched.

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